Purchase Modular buildings,RVs,Genarators

Oversize Transportation Available

We are a business located in the high desert area of South California. We transport mobile homes,containers, modular buildings and other heavy equipment. Set up the mobile homes or modular buildings for customers . We are also selling foldable storage sheds, mobile homes, modular classrooms, used RVs, and commercial generators. You will get the best services and great prices if you trust us.

Commercial Generators

Want to get power for you farm, camp, or commercial? Over 20 amount commercial generators for sale! Diesel fuel or solar. Great conditions. Running good. Low hours used. Some of them are almost brand new. Nation wide transportation is available.

Modular buildings

Want to get more living space? Too much money to make an ADU? Worry about the construction job being too complicated? Take this affordable modular building back, set it up in your back yard and DIY. There are several units available. The insulated roofing and exterior walls have been done in the buildings. Produced from 1996-2005. No bedrooms. No bathrooms. No interior walls. No electric wires. No wheels and axles. Some have AC some not. Come over to check it out!

Pre-owned RV and Fifth wheel trailer

Massive used rvs and fifth wheel trailers with clean titles for sale! The conditons are various. Asking from $5,000 to $20,000. Pick the best one and start your trevel right now!

foldable storage buildings

We provide affordable storage buildings selling,delivery and setting up service. The shed's price is $2980. The delivery and setting up starts from $400(within 20 miles)

Oversize Transportation services

We move modular buildings, mobile homes, containers, genarators, and other heary equipments. We provide safety and swift services with reasonable prices. Contact us to get a free quote today!

Modular buildings and mobile homes setting up

We provide modular buildings and mobile homes installation services with California genaral B contractor license. Let us know what do you want. We will do the rest job.

Green houses materials selling and setting up

We can build green houses with great materials. Metal frame, plastic films and other materials are available. The great prices are must lower than your expectations!

Class A driver

Phelan, CA - 92371
Full time or part time job. Local transportation.
Class A CDL. At least 3 years experience of semi-truck.
Moving the iterms
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